Head Shot Sessions

I need your face in my gallery!! Looking for head shot models. I’m looking for women and men to feature on my site and on studio social media like Instagram and Facebook.

The end of the year is fast approaching and I can hardly believe that 2017 is wrapping up. I have set some pretty lofty goals for this year and have made so many of them happen. One of these goals, as you may have noticed, was to open back up the portrait side of my studio. I have done it and so far it’s been a lot of fun working with people in a different capacity than boudoir, which is what I’ve been exclusively shooting over the last few years. I’m excited by the prospect of shooting different genres of photography again. I’m really ready to get out and do more. I love working with high school seniors again. We’ll be doing special mother/daughter beauty portrait days this spring. I’ll even be setting aside time for personal art projects this coming year. I am still focused on boudoir and beauty for the vast majority of my work but I have to admit I love photographing a larger variety of people so this is working out nicely.

I reintroduced head shot sessions earlier this  year and they’re included in my top boudoir collection. I  do offer them as a stand alone session too because some times that’s all you need. Just a quick head shot to update your website, social media, business cards or company bio. I can get you taken care of and get you head shots that aren’t boring and don’t suck and are authentic to you. Even though I started offering them earlier this year I don’t have a lot of images I can share in my gallery. Most of my head shot work is older and my style has evolved over the years. I need to update those galleries so I will be offering 2 days in December 19th or 29th, where you can come into the studio and have yours updated during this head shot model event. All it takes is about 45 minutes of your day, a signed model release and a $99 session fee (normally $150). That fee will include a credit that you can use on either, your makeup styling for the session or, a studio credit for 2 images. You get to choose which way to use the session fee credit. That is my thank you, to you, for giving me permission to share your images. Shoot me an email today so we can talk more about what you need out of your head shots.


422 Studio is located at 2405 Westwood Ave in Henrico, Virginia.