Richmond Snow Day

I am not one who normally loves the snow. Don’t get me wrong Richmond is gorgeous when it snows and Virginia has some of the mildest winters I’ve ever lived in so I’ll count my blessings. When we get a warm wet snow like we did today I just have to get out and play in it. Not real play like sledding mind you but picking up a camera and playing. On the way home from school today we talked about how beautiful and magical the snow clinging to the tress looks. How it reminds us of Narnia and how much tranquil it is to walk around in. Then she let me play dress up. She doesn’t often allow me the joy of taking her pictures. I guess that’s part of having a teenager. No more joy hopping in front of the camera. Today though, she let me play and even smiled for a few. We kinda wrecked the base of this vintage gown but it’s worth it and we can wash it. I am so grateful to have a child who will still let me play, even if it’s not often. Having images of our kids at this age is also magical because before you know it there are full blown teenagers and we only see them while they’re home to drop off school supplies and go hang out with friends. Middle school is a pivotal point in their development and social foundation. I’ll be happy for every single image she lets me create. What a great way to spend a snow day. Of course we had to treat ourselves to hot chocolate too because what snowy photo shoot would be complete without that. I know I’m a little biased but she is pretty amazing. We should get pictures of your teen before they’re in high school too. You won’t regret it!

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